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The why

Why do I need a digital business card?

91% of people judge a person or company based on first impressions. HumanCard digital business cards make sure your first impression stands out.

HumanCard digital cards not only ensure your contact information is always saved when connecting, but they also allow the other person to instantly share their info back to you.

HumanCard serves as a smart contact management platform that instantly saves and organizes your new contacts via an easy-to-use mobile app and dashboard.

One card. Limitless connections

Smart. Sustainable. Savvy.

Powerful features for smart networking

  • Tap to Share - Instantly connect with a simple tap. Seamlessly share your contact info without others needing an app.
  • Scan QR Code - Use your dynamic In-App QR code and share your details in a blink. Always scannable, forever connectable.
  • Link-In-Bio - Turn your followers into customers. One link, endless possibilities. Your digital gateway. Centralize, showcase, connect.
  • Lead Capture Form - Share your profile, watch the leads flow in. Enhanced by rapid autofill for ultimate efficiency.

  • AI-Powered Business Card Scanner - Instantly convert paper business cards into digital connections with our most advanced AI-Powered Business Card scanner.

  • Follow-Up and Stay Connected - Automate your follow-ups. Tapni sends your details to leads through email, amplifying your response rate and sealing more deals.

Yes it works with your CRM!

We integrate directly with Salesforce, HubSpot, Outlook, Zoho and many others.

For Teams

Export all leads collected by your team while keeping track of lead owners, locations, and notes.

Integrate with 4000+ apps

Sync team members from HR platforms, automate data-entry and marketing flows, set up Zapier integrations, the possibilities are endless.

Business Intelligence

Access data that allows you to finally measure true ROI of your networking and events.

More Reviews & Engagement

Increase engagement on social media platforms and gather more 5 star reviews than ever before.

24/7 1-on-1 Support

Create your digital business card to perfection with our 24/7 1-on-1 assistance. We are the only digital business card company that offers this.

Our why

Why HumanCard is the right choice

We, at HumanCard believe more than anything that data you use to network should be really easy to share.

Which is why everything we do, from the superior build quality of our products that are made of recycled materials to our customer service, to our feature rich and user friendly HumanCard Platform, is made to support that ideal.

We just happen to make really smart, sustainable business cards.

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As simple, or as complex as you are

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Grab a HumanCard Smart Product

Choose and customise from our variety of products designed to fit the on-the-go, ready-whenever lifestyle.

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Step 2

Build your Profile

Start customizing your profile on When your product arrives, simply activate it to your profile.

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Step 3

Share your profile with anyone

Head to your to share your profile with a simple scan to someone’s phone. They don’t need the app!

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our mission

We help professionals network better with time-saving and eco-friendly technology.

Before HumanCard, the accepted way to exchange info with someone was to hand them a paper business card or give them your phone to manually type info in. As curious entrepreneurs, we saw an opportunity here to use technology instead of paper to create a new way for humans to connect with one another...

We see a future where every team and individual can seamlessly connect using our all-in-one platform, bridging the gap between in-person relationships and online connections.

A huge part of our culture at HumanCard is focusing on sustainable solutions that help the environment. HumanCard uses technology instead of wasteful paper to connect professionals, saving forests around the world.

Goodbye paper business cards, hello HumanCard.

First impressions are unforgettable.

Ready to make a great one?

HumanCard FAQ

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What is HumanCard, and what can I use it for?

A digital business card is a modern alternative to traditional paper business cards. It is an electronic format of a business card that can be easily shared with others through email, text, social media, NFC technology or QR codes.

A digital business card typically includes the same information as a paper card, such as name, job title, contact information, and company name.

Unlike traditional cards, digital business cards can also include multimedia elements such as images, videos, and links to websites. They are also environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and allow for easy updates.

Digital business cards are an excellent tool for networking and building connections in the digital age.

How safe is HumanCard?

We regard your data security with utmost importance and are certified safe cybersecurity practitioners by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA). Our servers are hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) which maintains a state-of-the-art infrastructure that is encrypted at rest and uses AES-256 encryption algorithm that is virtually impenetrable. Clickhereto learn more about this form of encryption. We take this up a notch by encrypting all incoming and outgoing traffic for that extra security.

We do not ask for your sensitive information on our platform and we do not restrict nor compel you to display any particular information, the displayed information is entirely up to your personal choice. For example, if you do not wish to show your phone number, simply do not input and your phone number will not be displayed.The fields that you choose to display are only modifiable by you

Too long; didn't read:We care about your data security and take great measures to ensure that it is well-protected within our platform.

What can I display on my profile?

1.Contact Details- Number, Email, WhatsApp, Telegram & more

2.Credentials- Work experience, Education qualifications & more

3.Socials- LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook & more

4.Links- Payment links, websites, blogs & more

5.Files- Sales decks, menus, resumes & more

6.Visual assets- Image gallery, banner, gifs & more

You decide what you want to display on your digital profile, with no restrictions.

How does the pricing work?

One Good Card - is a one-time fee that comes with a personalised smart name card (or ring) and lifetime usage of the digital profile. The prices start differently depending on your preferred hardware (Card/Mini/Ring).

We also offer optional add-ons for companies/teams looking to tap into the administrative management features. Clickhereto find out more.

How long does delivery take?
Do you accept bulk orders?