With HumanCard, we completely reinvented the business card. Your information lives on your HumanCard profile(s), beautifully laid out and easy to understand, and share. We eliminated the fuss and built tools to help you network better. And you can customize your card in minutes, eliminating the hassle of printing out stacks of business cards. Use technology to craft that beautiful first impression. Advanced technologies like AES-256 encryption algorithm give you a new level of privacy and security. And with every purchase, we plant a tree on your behalf. HumanCard. It’s everything a business card should be.

Smart Business Card

The only card you'll ever have to carry for all business and digital media sharing.
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Link in bio

It’s more than just a list of links. It’s all of your most curated content in the most shareable format!
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Manage your dashboard

With our intuitive dashboard, you can manage all of your HumanCard data with ease anywhere in the world!
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Browse all our designs. More to come!
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How it works

See how HumanCard works as a smart business card and as a shareable link

Why HumanCard

NFC Chip

Tap your card on a phone and share your contact details without contact.

No app needed

You don't have to install anything for Tap and Share. One tap, no app.

Update anytime

Your contact information can be updated anytime, anywhere at HumanCard.me.

QR Codes

Open your camera and scan the QR code for older phones.

Share rich media

Share videos, links, articles, downloads and more!

Connect social media

Share all your social media profiles from one place.
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Who is HumanCard for

Our profiles were specifically designed so that everyone can easily use it for their own cause. From business to pleasure!







What you can share on you HumanCard page

Contact information

All of your most important contact relevant contact information in one place.


Share your work, your ideas or your favourite music videos.

Link to anything

Link to any external links, pages, articles or website on your page.


Allow users to download any documents as large as 50MB.

Rich media content

Curate the latest to the bestest of what you have to share with the world.

Social media links

Influencer much? Want your followers to know where all of your latest content is, well now you can.
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SmartCards vs Business Cards

Here's how smart business cards reign supreme of traditional business cards
Paper cards

Save time

Exchange and save each other’s contact info in seconds

Never run out of cards

No more running out of business cards. HumanCard is always here!


No more collecting physical cards. Just tap and save.

Share rich-media, links, docs and videos

Sometimes we have more to share than just contact info.

iPhone & Android compatible

HumanCard works on both iPhone & Android devices.

One card. Multiple pages

Create multiple HumanCard pages with just 1 card.

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Customise and buy your own HumanCard digital business card
Customize your card

Link in bio

Not ready for a card? Create your sharable HumanCard profile link
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